8 tips to save your garden through the summer heat waves

Here are some tips on how to save your garden through the summer heat waves:

  • Prioritize- Certain plants need higher amount of watering than others. Therefore, locate those plants in the lower locations of your garden, so they could accumulate the water that comes out of the sprinklers.
  • Choose wisely- some plants have better water consumption and stay greener for a longer period of time, such as Kentucky bluegrasses. Use this type of grass, and you'll save your garden faster and more efficient.
  • Plant seasonally- some plants prefer heat than other. As long as you water regularly and accordingly, plants like cucumber and squash will flourish in the heat. Tomatoes, Peppers and beans, on the other hand, will suffer during heat waves and will not yield fruit.
  • Harvest schedule- to get the optimal results, particularly during heat waves, you need to keep a tight harvest schedule. Otherwise, plants like cucumber and grapes will not produce future crops if they are not being picked on time.
  • Keeping a good eco system- some bugs and worms are good for your garden, since they eat and decompose harmful plants, which enriches the soil with minerals. Japanese beetles and bagworms are a good example for animals that prosper in heat. keep them fed, and they will give much in return.
  • Going on a holiday- If you leave your home, and subsequently your garden, for longer than a day, you need to place some automatic irrigation system which will operate on your behalf in your absence. It would be a shame to put in so much energy into your garden, only to lose it all in just one hot summer day! There are a lot of good irrigation systems available in the market, just make sure you test- drive the one you buy before you leave it on its own for a while.
  • Gardening timing- in order to avoid the "rush hour" of summer heat, especially on heavy days during heat waves, make sure you plan your gardening to early mornings or after 17:00, when the sun is still low and the heat is bearable. Of course, if you feel fainted and overwhelmed by the heat, take a few breaks during your gardening sessions. And let's not forget to drink plenty of water, at all times!
  • Protect yourself- wear proper clothing, and use proper shade cloths such as breathable fabrics, breezy sandals, loose clothing and gardening gloves. Heat waves are bad enough; you don't need to be harmed during a relaxing activity such as gardening.


Following these steps is simple, and will promise a beautiful garden by the end of the summer!