Dog Care Tips

You can never get enough dog care tips!

Your dog is your best friend! It’s always there for you and helps you unwind and release stress. It waits for you and cares for you, and you are the only family it knows. A dog owner is truly blessed to be able to receive that kind of constant and undying love. To reciprocate your love you need to know the musts and must not’s of dog care. Unfortunately, dogs cannot express in words as to what they want and need, so we do owners need to understand their needs and provide for them without being asked. It’s very common to see dogs basking in the sun and lazing out on hot days.

It’s okay to let your dog out in the sun as long as you ensure the following:

 Dog care tips

  • There must be a dog shade option available for the dog. Leaving the dog in the sun with absolutely no shade for respite can cause dehydration and several health issues for your dog. A reflective aluminet shade fabric cover for your dog’s kennel is an ideal solution to protect your dog from the dangers of overheating.
  • Ensure there is always plenty of clean drinking water available for the dog. The water bowl must be cleansed and refilled from time to time. The bowl must be kept in a shaded area.
  • A closed house with glass windows can become too hot and unbearable for your dog. Draw curtains and ensure there is good air flow to maintain temperatures.
  • When camping out with the dog always carry the shaded kennel for the dog or make a makeshift camping shade.
  • Locking a dog in a car on a hot and sunny day can have severe effects on the health of the dog. Always leave windows open and never leave the dog for extended time periods.

 Dog care tips

Like humans, dogs too get dehydrated and might get heat strokes. These dog care tips include steps and methods to protect your dog from the heat. In fact, dogs feel hotter than us! So if you are feeling hot and uncomfortable, imagine it two times for your dog. Dog care professionals cannot stress enough on the need to protect dogs from harsh weather conditions. Your dog needs your attention and care. Ensure your dog is always well protected and at a safe distance from heat and other hazards.