COOL Solution for Cars in Summer

6 COOL Solutions for Cars in Summer (Without AC).

On a hot summer day, there’s not much worse than getting into an even hotter car. Not only is the heat uncomfortable, but the sun’s rays can significantly damage the interior of your car. Worse than physical damage, an overheated car can be very dangerous for your kids or pets. With significant global climate change in recent years, it is crucial, now more than ever, that you make sure your car does not overheat. We’ve got some great tips to help you keep your car cool this summer:

Car shade

  1. First and foremost, car shade is pivotal, especially when your car is parked for more than a few hours. Aluminet shade technology can ensure that your car stays shaded and cool in any location. In dry climates with strong sun rays such as Australia or California, shade is particularly critical as the sun can beat down on your car for hours, damaging the interior.
  2. Tinted windows can greatly reduce heat by rejecting thermal rays that increase your car’s temperature. Afraid your car won’t have enough light? Don’t worry, tinted windows are designed specifically to let in light, while still preventing excess heat.
  3. Avoid buying a black or navy car and instead stick with white or silver, which will better reflect sunlight. A black car left out in the sun will be 10 degrees hotter than a silver one. Even more, according to one study, as compared to silver cars, black cars meant a 2% decrease in fuel efficiency, a 1.9% increase in carbon emissions, and a 1% increase in other harmful emissions.
  4. This one is obvious, but don’t forget to open your windows. You can quickly expel hot air from your car by opening the windows and driving as soon as possible.
  5. Cold water and a small piece of cloth can help to cool down the interior of your car. As soon as you get in, quickly wipe down the surface of your steering wheel and seatbelt. In the heat of the summer, the water will quickly evaporate and carry heat away as it dries.
  6. Cloth or leather seats? Not only are leather seats more expensive, but they absorb heat and can reach dangerously hot temperatures in the summer. Stick with cloth seats to avoid adding extra heat to your car’s interior.

A few more general tips for staying cool this summer:

  1. Stay inside during the heat of the day. If you need to go outside, find shade as quickly as possible.
  2. Wear light clothes. Shorts, sandals and a t-shirt should always be your first choice.
  3. Stay hydrated, but avoid caffeine. Coffee, tea, and soda can easily dehydrate you in the summer.