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Best Sunshade Solutions for the Beach

Best Sunshade Solutions for the Beach

Enjoying the beach can be really difficult in the scorching sun and can get pretty grueling and tiring, especially in the hot summer months. Therefore, finding shade might set the difference between a nice and pleasant stay at the beach, and a traumatic experience that might end up in the emergency room.

What are the best shade solutions out there?

For starters, one can always hope the city provided permanent shading at the beach. Here are some examples for permanent instalments one can find in any typical beaches:

Wood gazebo- only a handful of these can be found around the beaches, since they are expensive to install and hard to maintain. Due to its location, the wood becomes rotten, and eventually breaks down fast. Since they are fixed in the grown, it is impossible to move them once the sun light moves throughout the day, defeating the actual purpose of the gazebo in the first place. Also, since there are not that many of them, chances are they will be already occupied at an early stage of the day.

regular beach shade - beach umbrella

Metal parasols- these are much easier to find, and pretty easy to rent from the city via operators at the beach. The problem is, it might get quite expensive to constantly rent parasols during the summer, and buying one is clumsy to carry. Plus, metal parasols aren't flexible enough when strong wind comes, and they might fly away or break.

wooden gazeebo beach shade

These are the two options that are being offered as shade solutions at beaches.

Another common option is bringing your own beach umbrella, these can be found at any store almost and are not very expensive. The problem is that they break easily and are very hard to use when it is also windy, also they take a lot of effort to stick in the ground and if you want shade at a lake or somewhere with no sand then you will not be able to make it stick.

This is the best option for keeping cool at the beach

One great solution, that can be found online and in stores is buying an elastic sunshade tent, that can fit as much as 6 people! These kinds of sunshades come in different sizes and colours, and they are easy to use due to their light fabric and elasticity.

elastic beach shade solution 

Original fabric sunshade tents are made from a strong elastic fabric, that blocks harmful sun rays, and functions as 50 UPF. Since the fabric is made of swim suit material, it is durable to water, salt, direct sun and wind. It is much lighter than any other sunshade, and can be folded easily and be carried in a small hand bag. In addition, the sunshade comes with small bags which can be filled with sand, providing it with stability against strong winds. It is easier to move around the beach, allowing flexibility against the changing sun light and wind directions.

best beach shade solution

One of the main perks for this solution is that you can use it anywhere because you do not need to rely on sand to stick it in the ground. It can be used for:

  • Beaches
  • Parks
  • Backyards
  • Lakeshore
  • Much more!

Another amazing perk for this shade solution is that it is easy and fast to set-up. These shade tents can be stored in a small case that fits in any trunk and take less than 3 minutes to set-up.

easy to set up beach shade solution

Finally, sunshade tents are really affordable, and can be purchased online and be delivered easily to your home.  After buying one, it would seem silly to rely on the city to provide proper shading, or hoping that the shading is already provided will not be occupied or broken.