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The spring is at its peak and summer is just around the corner. In most countries, the beginning of summer means the opening of national festivities such as the 4th of July or Labor Day, and everyone goes on their summer leave off of work or school. This means, many families gather around outside the garden or in the park, prepare their BBQ meals, watch the fireworks together and mostly enjoy one another's company. This also means, sitting in the sun for many hours, which can be unhealthy and tedious. Therefore, garden shade cloths are a big hit during this time of the year, and they come in varied shapes and forms.

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Garden shade cloths are highly valued around this time of the year, and when built properly, it should last longer and serve the needs of its users for many years to come. Building a garden shade is not a big deal or something that should be too expensive, since it is possible to buy garden shades in every Home Depot store. To those whom have more particular needs, or are more into the architectural digest vibe can simply have a garden shade custom made by a carpenter or some construction contractor. Aluminet shade cloths are definitely the highest level of shade cloths you can get.

Whatever garden shade it may be, it is important to follow several guidelines:

  1. Budget! budgeting any project saves time, money and a lot of unnecessary conflicts with the family or with the contractor. Garden shades don't come in cheap, and it is not advised to try and cut corners in constructing something that should hold over the heads of you loved ones. How much is enough? Well, this depends on many factors that will be listed here bellow, but know this: to any construction project, you should be prepared to spend at least 20% more than your original plan. This way, you will avoid complications and sorrow.
  2. Proper measurements- You should measure the area on which you would build the garden shade. It is really disappointing when there is not enough shade in the sitting area, during all hours of the day.
  3. Once allocating the area for the garden shade, and making the right measurements, you should choose the proper material you would want your garden shade to be made of. It is important to use only the best materials for the outdoor, so that they will be durable for the seasonal changes. Summer comes and goes, but the garden shade cloths stand outside during winter times as well.
  4. The final step is to design the type of garden shade cloth you want. You can go for a pergola, which has its pluses with durability and many design options. Or, you can plant a living grapevine on some wood fence, that would provide the amount of shade you would want and, if treated properly, yield delicious seasonal fruits.
  5. Maintenance- after all was designed, purchased, constructed and enjoyed, it is important to keep the garden shade cloth in good condition. Due to the fact that the garden shade is placed outside, it is subjected to the weather conditions which could get really tough, depending on where you live. Therefore, once in several months, it is crucial to clean the garden shade thoroughly and even give it another coat of paint, just to prevent corrosion or animal harm.

Enjoying your garden shade!

After following all steps, you can get to work and build you a nice garden shade, or have someone do it for you, in which case is important to supervise so it would suit your needs and desires. Once the work is completed, all is left is to buy the garden furniture, that will fit the look and feel of the garden shade, sit back, and relax with your family during the hot summer days.