How can you save money and be more environmentally friendly using quality shade products?

Saving money on domestic expenses

Shade cloth can save money on domestic expenses and business expenses in many ways. It is known that it cuts down on electric costs while reducing the need for using ACs or fans by providing cool shade in greenhouses. But there are additional benefits to shade cloth and other ways in which it can help you save even more money. There is a variety of ways that shade cloth can be used to reduce expenses:

  • In addition to being used in gardening and greenhouses, shade cloth can also be used outdoors and provide shade in hot weather. Hanging the it over a certain territory can provide tremendous shade and comfort that many people can enjoy and therefore reduce or eliminate the need for large industrial fans to keep people cool during an outdoor event in hot weather. It can also be hung over pools, in backyard social events or other larger social outdoor events.
  • Another way to reduce electric and water costs in the house with shade cloths is to create a shade over plants that don't need direct sunlight. This also saves gardeners electric costs by not having to provide a certain temperature for them in the house with ACs or fans and it also reduces water expenses by the not allowing the plants to dry out quickly in hot weather which allows them to use less water.
  • Using shade cloth outside of rooms that receive a lot of exterior sun exposure can reduce the temperature of that room dramatically that reduces AC costs. In addition, curtains can remain open allowing natural light into the room and therefore also reduce electric costs.
  • Greenhouse temperatures can be controlled by shade cloth. Excessive heat can damage plants and it can reduce temperatures of the greenhouses which save on electric costs. Additionally, the shade can also reduce the use of water by allowing plants to dry slower which eventually leads to using less water.
  • Shade cloth can be used to reduce electric costs in greenhouses by decreasing light for plants that need less light. There are plants in greenhouses that require indirect sunlight and shade cloth is very useful as it can be easily removed when needed and can be reused.


Enjoy your next bar-b-que or outdoor party, have fun expanding your gardening horizons or invest in your greenhouse and use shade cloth in order to cut back on electrical and water bills. Treat yourself with the money you saved and do something fun with it or invest it back in your business!