How can you use Aluminet shades?

Aluminet Shades and their Different Uses:

Modern day agriculture has introduced varies methods to grow crops and plants, with minimum resources used and power invested. In order to get the most efficient results, farmers need to invest in the best farming equipment, soil, seeds, and farming accessories. Aluminet shades are a solid investment, which every member of the agricultural section needs to have.

Why are Aluminet shades so vital and important?

For starter, their durability is high. Whereas plastic shade nets get torn and broken comparatively easy, real Aluminet shades can endure extreme weather without visible difficulty. Whilst being durable, Aluminet shade nets are also see-through, and can allow up to 90% sunlight to go through the shades. This means, farmers can enjoy the protection of strong shade nets, without excluding several types of crops which demand warm and sunny conditions.

Aluminet shade nets have many uses.

Allowing a steady agricultural development and sustainability. For instance, Aluminet shades help protecting greenhouses from different pests and animals, such as birds whom carry worms, reducing the usage of pesticides and other chemicals. This helps farmers to grow good and healthy food, and reduces the further damage to earth by reducing aquifer poisoning from used chemicals for example. 

Aluminet shade uses

Due to the flexible shading property of Aluminet shade nets, it is easy to control the exposed sunlight for different crops. For instance, tomatoes need an abundant amount of direct sunlight, whereas cucumbers need a cooler environment. Aluminet shade nets can be designed in such way, where one part of the greenhouse can be filled with sun light, and the other end can be dark. This allows a multiple growth, enhancing the farmer's exports and incomes.

Another good use for Aluminet shade nets is humidity control.

Since the Aluminet nets have a flexible property, and the fabric can 'breathe', it allows a controlled humid environment. Plus, Aluminet does not heat up from direct sunlight, which can help adjust the temperature inside the greenhouse. Plastic shades, on the other hand, cannot ensure humidity and temperature control, since plastic heats up quickly and the fabric does not allow air movement properly, making it difficult to control weather conditions within the greenhouse. Another by effect for Aluminet shades, regarding weather, is the ability to control light and darkness. Since Aluminet can prevent up to 100% light penetration, farmers can grow crops which need complete darkness to yield properly, such as asparagus and most types of mushrooms.

Aluminet shade nets are the super shades

Using Aluminet nets helps battle season changes, pests damage, climate changes and quality control. Plastic nets are obsolete, deteriorate faster, and pretty much do more harm than help. Aluminet shade nets are the better investment. Aluminet shade nets are more expensive than plastic shades, but since they are much more efficient, investing in several good Aluminet shades will upgrade any farmer's greenhouse, and boost their production. In some countries, Aluminet shade nets are a standard, and the government funds their production and distribution. Be ahead of the agricultural curve.