How to shade your garden - Best practices from our experts

From simple posts and drapes to elaborate Aluminet shade cloths installed in your greenhouse, shading your garden can take many different forms. If you are simply preparing for a temporary hot spell, then a simple DIY setup for your garden may be all you need.

However, if you live somewhere that gets pretty hot during the summer months, then you might want to consider a more permanent structure. In this article we will look at the different ways how to shade your garden.

From your plants to your favorite sitting area in your garden, shade can provide much needed relief from the harsh summer sun for both you and your plants. You have spent too much time this spring planting and watering your plants for the sun to come out and wreak havoc over your garden.

Protect your garden from too much sun

We all know plants need sunlight and water to grow. However, too much of either can also be a problem. In the hot summer months, don’t let your plants burn from too much sunlight and heat. A simple shade can provide much needed relief to your plants, and to you as well as your work in your garden.

There are many different ways you can shade your garden. If you are looking for a simple DIY project, then some PVC pipes and shade cloths can be a quick Saturday project. The nice part about using lighter items such as PVC pipes is that you can move your simple shade around your garden shading different plants throughout the day.

If you have a greenhouse that provides much needed warmth in the winter, you can install Aluminet shade cloths to your greenhouse walls to provide a permanent shade solution. These amazing cloths not only keep your greenhouse shaded but also protect against harmful UV rays while also still allowing for much needed air ventilation as well.

The aluminet shading that allows for air ventilation will reduce the temperature in your greenhouse by as much as 70 percent. This special fabric is the perfect solution for your greenhouse. Not only does it block the sunlight during the day keeping the heat out, but it also traps just the right amount of heat to ensure your greenhouse stays warm at night.


So, if you want to provide shade for your garden this summer you can see that there are a number of options available. Whether you are looking for a DIY installation or you want to hire pros there is a shade cloth for you. Whether you simply need a temporary cover or a permanent installation, the options can seem to be endless.

We have a number of articles to help you choose between different shade cloths. We also want to help you pick just the right shade your garden needs to survive the summer without wilting from the heat.

Contact us today to see how we can help you choose the perfect solution for how to shade your garden.