Keeping cool at the beach with kids

How to enjoy the beach with kids of all ages.  

Going to the beach is the perfect solution for summertime fun in the sun with kids. It really is the only thing to do with them on scorching-hot summer days. It is so much better than staying at home with them.  The only main obstacle about it is getting out of the house. While preparation for the beach can be quite a long and daunting task with kids, it is very well-worth it. There are so many things for kids of all ages to do at the beach:

  • Toddlers can run and play close up in the water.
  • Older kids can play ball for a little while and play in the water as well.
  • They can build sandcastles in the sand.
  • They can bury things in the sand.
  • They can bury themselves in the sand.

And if they're old enough and walk and play independently they can do all of the above while you sit and lay back enjoying the wonderful breeze of the sea, the breeze that the Sun Shade Portable Canopy Sun Shelter provides. You can play with your kids if you'd like to, too.  

And if they're not old enough to walk and play independently, we've got your back on this too.

So how can you experience the joys of the beach with Be Cool Solutions shade?

Here's what you have to do:

  1. Pitch the Sun Shade Portable Canopy Sun Shelter - it's extremely easy and takes exactly 3 minutes.
  2. Place your chairs underneath it and sit on them.  You will soon discover how many things can be placed under it as opposed to the standard beach shade umbrellas that cost a lot of money to rent each time you go to the beach.
  3. Let older kids run around and play (with hats, sunscreen of course and frequent, large sips of water).
  4. Purchase a tiny pool for toddlers and bring it to the beach. Blow it up. Place that too under the shade cloth (we take it to the beach already blown up). Put water from the sea in it. Throw in some toys. Watch toddlers play in the pool and build sandcastles while you rest in your chair right by them or choose to play with them.  They will stay put for a really long time (mostly an hour or so) with the tiny pool at their side. And you will be so happy under the shade. So much better than running after them at home… 
  5. For babies under 6 months old- you can take a Play 'N Pack bed. Again, set it up under the sweet shade of the Sun Shade Portable Canopy Sun Shelter. Fill it up with toys and kick back and relax. 


Keeping cool at the beach with kids


So if you are a parent of little ones and trying to figure out where to go on hot summer weekends, the beach really is your best friend. It provides so many activities for children and is really worth the ride even if it's far away. The amount of shade the Sun Shade Portable Canopy Sun Shelter provides will allow you to do more activities than standard beach umbrellas and being at the beach with it will turn your weekend beach trips into long lasting memories of family summer fun.