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Keep your Horse COOL - Horse Shade

Horses are one of the most popular farm animals, used for labor, racing, therapy and more. This majestic animal is big and valuable, and as such, horses need the proper care and to be appropriately maintained. Due to the animal’s massive size, you should make sure you have proper horse shade to keep your horse cool at any time, even in cooler weather; otherwise, it will sweat immensely, get overheated, and become ill consequently. Therefore, whether the horse is in its stable or on the road traveling, providing a good and safe environment is crucial for the animal health and well-being.

Although horse maintenance in its natural habitat, such as stables or farms, is highly important on its own, this particular article discusses the best ways for horse care in hot weather during transportation, using some form of a carrier such as trailers.

Whether you move your own horse from one stable to another, displaying it in a show, or buying a new stallion abroad, make sure your horse is being taken care of during the shipping process. The majority of horse shipments are being done by horse trailer. We recommend purchasing the proper horse trailer according to the conditions and needs of the horse and the particular travel.

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The logistics of horse transportation is complicated, due to road restrictions, special permits, and weather conditions that might determine the whole trip with a simple drizzle of rain. In addition, there is the whole safety issue, which needs to be taken under consideration before hitting the road. Therefore, one should cautiously plan the said trip, with the proper gear and trailer, for safe traveling.

Horse shade

Horse care in hot weather is risky for the animal’s safety; being enclosed in small compartment, away from its natural habitat without much room to move, the horse gets a sense of discomfort that leads to hysteria, and stall the whole trip. Purchasing a spacious trailer, with state of the art cooling systems, is cardinal for the well being of everyone involved. Although expensive initially, consider this money well spent if it ensures keeping your horse cool and satisfied. One of the biggest issues with horse transportation with a trailer is the assurance of condensation. Condensation, in any given closed compound, occurs when the temperature of the air drops below the air's dew point. The warmer the air gets, the more moisture it can hold. The colder it is, the less it can hold. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the air cool at all times of the journey, and especially when there is a halt.

In order to ensure that the horse trailer is keeping your horse cool and calm for more than few trips, you need to place insulation on the metal walls, which will reduce the contact of humid air with those walls. Thus, the air will not quickly cool and cause the water vapor in the air to condense out. There are several insulating materials you can use such as Styrofoam or Urethane foam panels enclosed in fabric or some synthetic material. The firmer the material covering the foam is the better! Moving horses leads them to be agitated, and since they can get tough by kicking and biting, you need something durable and sustainable that will last longer.

 Choose a trailer made out of necessary insulation materials such as stated materials above. Aluminum trailers are highly recommended, because it is susceptible to rusting ability and being comparatively lighter than steel. While the body of the trailer can be made of aluminum, the frame can still be made out of steel, turning vehicle into a chilling your horse trailer.

 Of course, there are cheaper methods for chilling your horse trailer, such as water cooling systems of airflow mechanism, but to ensure the best trip for your prize winning horse, you should not spare money or time on finding the best ways to upgrade the trailer with some more high tech properties. Keeping your horse cool while traveling should no longer be an issue, providing you follow the instructions and prepare the horse trailer accordingly to the hot weather.

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