What are the best destinations to travel with your dog?

What are the best destinations to travel with your dog?

Many of us, whom have traveled, know how important it is to adjust the travel destination to many factors such as time, budget, interests, and choosing the right company. Therefore, disregarding one of those factors might lead into a misfortunate situation, and completely ruin your trip. This is true, and maybe even more so, when you chose to travel with your canine best friend. This may not be easy and spontaneous, but for sure manageable, if several key rules are kept.

After making sure all documentation and medical aspects are taken care of (like passport for your dog, vaccinations, getting a signed veterinarian release, and even buying the right carrier to take the dog on board), choosing the best destination to travel with your dog is the next reasonable step.

Dog destinations

What are the best destinations to travel with your dog? Well, first, you must choose a dog-friendly place. It seems a bit redundant to say this, but going to a country where the locals tend to be scared of dogs, or do not have proper facilities that will accommodate you with your dg, might prove to be the perfect vacation bummer. This excludes destinations that do not have the proper touristic infrastructure such as high stars hotels, good roads, and public transportation etc.

After choosing a country, you need to plan the outlines of the trip. Meaning, you need to plan each step of the trip to accommodate to your dog’s needs. Dogs are like children, with special needs and diet, which take a lot of care and attention. Of course, we all choose these creatures as our companions, and they give so much in return, but they do take up a lot of energy. Going on a museum trip will be a bad choice, for example, because it will probably keep your dog indoors most of the time, with an uncomfortable gag on its mouth. Naturally, nature has its limits as well, so it is important to learn all the wild animals that roam the chosen destination, and know how to handle dangerous situations like a bear encounter or a tick bite.

What are the best destinations to travel with your dog? Here is a short list around the world:

USA- Road trip on the California coast line: This beautiful road reveals stunning sunsets, great towns and cities, and fun hiking locations which are dog-friendly. To receive best value for this trip, it is recommended allocating at least three full days.

Europe- If your dog is more into culture and fine dining, classical Europe is a great destination. There are numerous dog-friendly hotels spread across the continent, check out this link.  

Israel- Israel is a small country, with many spots to take your dog to. For example, Yehuda dessert, Jordan River area, Galilee Sea, the entire coast line of Israel and much more. All destinations are close to water and are easy to hike, as long as you follow local rules and regulations.

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