Aluminet shade cloth

The special Aluminet™ fabric

Are you looking for a solution to your sweltering hot greenhouse during the summer? Do you love your warm greenhouse in the winter but dread working out there during the summer? Or maybe you would rather not be limited to working in the early hours of the morning before it gets too hot.

If so, then you could benefit from installing an aluminet shade cloth in your greenhouse.

What is aluminet?

Aluminet is a metal fabric that has been knit together using a specialized metallicized material.

When you are choosing a shade cloth, there are many types of fabrics to choose from. Most notably, the two most common choices are knit and woven fabrics. However, aluminet knit cloths are a great new addition to shade cloths. They not only protect the sun from getting in, but the metal fabric actually acts like a mirror, reflecting the light away.

This can help keep the sun out in the summer and the heat in during the winter months. An aluminet shade cloth can reduce the temperature of a green house by around ten degrees during the summer. This can make your sweltering greenhouse much more comfortable to work and will help your plants to lose less water. Saving water is another great benefit of installing an aluminet shade cloth.

How does a shade cloth work?

A shade cloth covers your plants, usually in a greenhouse to prevent your plants from overheating. Plants need sunlight to grow. However, too much sunlight can cause the soil to dry out, the leaves to burn, and for the plant to wilt from heat.

Putting a shade cloth over a section of your greenhouse, or the entire structure, can provide much needed shade for your plants. They are also nice for you when you are working in your greenhouse in the dead heat of summer, having shade is much more pleasant.

You can read more about shade cloths here.

Benefits of Aluminet shade cloths

Aluminet shade cloths have many benefits. Some of these include:

  • Very durable,
  • light weight,
  • easy to install
  • moderates the temperature within your greenhouse or structure
  • allows for air flow and proper ventilation
  • allows for a much more dispersed light rather than the direct light of the sun


In conclusion, the addition of Aluminet shade cloths to the gardening and agricultural business has been a game changer for gardeners. Aluminet shade cloths protect from the direct sunlight that can be so damaging to plants. However, it also still allows enough light in to help the plants grow.

Plants need sunlight and water to grow, however too much can be detrimental to them. So, with the protection of Aluminet shading, your plants will still get their much-needed sunlight without worry about overheating or wilting from too much light.

Additionally, you will save on water as your plants will not be overheating as much. These many benefits make the investment in Aluminet shade cloths worth it. Check out our Aluminet shade cloths here, they will benefit your garden in many ways.