What is Pet tech?

Pet tech products

Living in the modern day of age means you must be connected constantly to whatever new app or any other digital adjustment that is introduced. This is especially true for anything to do with taking care of your loved ones, and by loved ones, we of course are talking about our precious pets. There is a whole field of digital solutions that is called pet tech products, you just need to learn how to tap into the stream and use the best for your pets.

The pet tech market

The pet tech market banks 66.75 billion dollars in the USA alone, and much more around the world. It is no surprise that so many Hi-Tech companies develop apps for every aspect a pet owner has: Dog walker finder like Wag, pet location finder like Whistle, a form of Airbnb for dogs named DogVacay and much more.

What is Pet tech for?

Although finding a reliable professional dog walker can be a bit tricky, since many people turn out to be less professional as they'd described themselves on their CV, Wag can help screen the ill equipped by simply checking all the background for you. You can also book the dates in advance through the app, and communicate with the dog walker beforehand, to get to know him/her. This app looks after your home's safety, by offering a special lock box, operated by a combination code, which only you and the dog walker know, so that you won't have to leave your key if you don't feel safe to do so. Using the app isn't that expensive, and you can set your mind at ease when it comes to your dog's walks.

How can Pet tech assist

New ways to babysit your pet

DogVacay allows you to book a nice, domestic and homey vacation for your pet, by simply booking an actual person's home rather than a pet's hotel. You simply search through the dates and price ranges, just like you would do with your own vacation, and you can drop off your pet at the nearest and most convenient place for your pet. Who knows, it might get new friends for future vacations.

Tracking your pet

When using above apps, you need to be on top of things by being able to track your pet, in all situations. Whistle can help you do so by displaying a pet's location on the map, and that way you can tell if the dog walker takes your dog to his favorite park or not. The gadget works by placing an 80$ GPS tracker around the pet's collar, and it is easily installed on your phone.

There are many other examples for pet tech products, like pet cams, automatic food dispensers and super grooming products. The bottom line is to know the market and know what's best for you and your pets, so that you won't be overwhelmed by the amount of money and memory space you must clear of your phone for each app. Eventually, you shouldn't let technology take over your relationship with your pet, all they need is your company and some nice snacks once in a while.