Why should you bring your dog to work?

Smart Office Pets

Today’s world is filled with worthwhile opportunities, that are being offered and regarded from every aspect in life. People have many choices for their lifestyle, education, profession, and work environment. Part of these possibilities is the choice of whom you can spend time with, while going to work. Meaning, today’s corporate world acknowledges the fact that employees have family that needs to be taken care of, and part of that family are pets, and in particular, dogs. High Tech companies are, of course, the beacon of modern-day smart work environment, and as such, they allow and promote bringing dogs to work. High Tech companies must fight for every good employee, that is being bombarded with attractions from all over; “Bring your dog to work” deal is pretty attractive, that’s for sure.

The big ones are already doing it

Mega companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook etc. have long realized that to attract Millennials, they need to step up their game and sweeten the deals with an offer that would benefit all parties. Not only "Bring your dog to work" deal helps to relieve the stress of taking care of a dog, it also helps creating a more relaxed work space, due to the calming effect dogs have on humans. Plus, it allows a much-needed exercise, when employees play and walk the dogs outside. Employees have been describing this opportunity as "stress relieving, well soothing, fun, and joyful. Seeing dogs all around the office brings home a little closer, and help us focus on our work a lot more". Others described it as something that helps bring staff and team members much closer, because having a dog "breaks barriers and creates a more playful atmosphere".

Dogs in the office

Pet friendly environment 

The reason a pet-friendly work place is such a trending issue nowadays, is due to the postponement of marriage age and starting a family. In other words, the younger generations prefer a canine companion and responsibility, rather than the traditional family. It is only logical that companies that hire such a big percentage of young people, would adjust their standards and environment for them.

There is still a long way to go

However, only about 8% of US and UK's employers are even allowed to bring their dogs to work. This is a small number, given the major benefits dogs bring to these companies, and for the fraction of the cost. Banfield pet hospital found, in a 2016 survey, that 82% of employees feel better sense of loyalty to pet-friendly companies, and over 86% believe pets help relieving stress and improve moral. Maybe someone should serve these statistics to legislators, who would promote some pet-friendly work laws.


The times they are a changing

Although the pet-friendly companies are still scarce, the approach to it is noticeably changing. Private sectors, as well as public have been opening to the idea of having dogs around the office, and even surgical surrounding offices are in it to. As long as the basic rules are being kept, like keeping dogs vaccinated and tied to a leash, and be well behaved, this trend will soon be a standard for every company.

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