6mil Premium Polyethylene Greenhouse Film

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Our 6mil (150micron) double layer greenhouse covering is UV treated and ensures up to 4 years UV protection and has commercial grade thickness. It captures the IR energy of the sun during the day and slowly releases the heat energy at night helping your plants grow. The anti-drip inside treatment of our greenhouse plastic sheeting prevents formation of damaging drips inside your greenhouse, and the anti-dust additive keeps your cover less dusty.

Manufactured using high quality polyethylene, our greenhouse cover is very durable and will last in all seasons for years, making it the most premium product on the market that ensures longevity.

Technical details

Highly durable / up to 4 years of UV protection / IR radiation stoppage protects plants from ill temp effects / Thermal preservative quality releases heat energy during the night / Superior anti-drip inside treatment prevents damage to plants / Anti-dust additive keeps greenhouse cover less dusty / 91% light transmission per layer for perfect lighting

Product Uses

Greenhouses, grow tunnels, gardens.

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