Horticulture & Agriculture Specialty Fan 20" Diameter

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Anybody growing produce in a greenhouse needs to learn how to manage one important thing: ventilation. Plants need air as much as they do water and sunlight. But it’s not just about the circulation and flow of air you have to look into or take care of. While it’s vital that every part of the building is well-ventilated, it’s also crucial to look at the temperature and humidity of the area to create a proper growing environment. This is a job for our Be Cool Solutions Horticulture & Agriculture Specialty Fan.

Technical Details

The features of our HAF fan are impressive. It features a 1/10 HP motor running on 115V power, which makes it energy efficient. But don’t let this low horsepower fool you. Our machine is built with a balanced design that provides optimum air coverage and throw of up to 3600 CFM. Place it on a wall or on the ceiling and it can pivot 180 to 360 degrees. Ideal greenhouse spacing for this product is 50’.

Additionally, our circulation fans are built sturdy. It features polyester powder coated safety guards for both intake and exhaust. The motors are enclosed to reduce needed upkeep, plus it’s easy to clean. The fan comes with a 9’ cord so you can place it where you like and install with ease.

Fan size: 20" Diameter

Be Cool Are the only supplier offering a 3-year warranty on the fan motor

Product Uses

Our circulation fan for greenhouses has been designed with cooling and heat destratification in mind. It can help maintain a low and steady temperature in your greenhouse so that your produce can grow. It is also something you can use in factories, farms, nurseries, warehouses, and other industrial spaces.

The product can be used for critter control whenever its air velocity is beyond 300 feet per minute. It’s also ideal for surface drying wet floors, cooling machines, and creating an air curtain in an enclosed area.


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