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Garden shade

 What is the right amount of sun?

The right amount of sun is good for your plants, but getting more than the recommended amount can leave your garden dry and scorched. You work tirelessly in your garden to cultivate beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables, so the last thing you want is for your plants to get too much sun and your hard work to wither.

Why knitted shade cloth

That’s where our knitted shade cloths come in. The knitted mesh allows gentle sunlight onto your plants while blocking the full brunt of the sun’s rays. We know how important it is for your garden to be able to grow unobstructed, so our shade cover is designed to be lightweight enough that it won’t crush new growth. The garden shade cloth also works as a barrier between your plants and wind, hail, and heavy rains in the event of inclement weather.
Additionally, our garden cloth allows you to turn your porch, patio, pergola, or gazebo into a greenhouse simply by hanging shade cloths around the area. You’ll be able to enjoy sitting outdoors more while being rest assured that your plants have needed temperature control and are healthy.

 Great for fruits and vegetables

If you have fruit trees or fruit bearing bushes, you won’t believe what a difference our shade cloths can make for your harvest. Garden cloths not only keep your blossoming fruit cool, allowing each piece to grow to full freshness, they’re the ideal way of gently deterring birds who might want to feast on your fruit.
Likewise, in the vegetable garden the mesh is loose enough to allow for small pollinators and soil enriching earthworms to get in, but it keeps out butterflies whose caterpillars chow down on your herbs and veggies.

 Easy To Use

Our mesh garden shades are easy to use. They’re lightweight for easy portability and are water permeable so you don’t have to remove the shade to water your plants. Heavy water, even from the hose of a well-intentioned gardener, can damage plants, so watering plants through the shade allows the water to be diffused to a gentle shower.

High quality four-ply reinforced binding

The shade’s high quality four-ply reinforced binding, brass grommets, and high density polyethylene make it resistant to fraying, even in the toughest weather and heat. You want longevity for your plants, so we created a mesh garden cover built for longevity. You’ll be able to reap the benefits of your protected, temperature regulated garden for years to come.

You choose the size, color, and shade percentage to get the perfect shade cloth for your unique garden needs.


Knitted shade cloth

Comes in standard sizes:

  • 6x12 feet
  • 12x12 feet
  • 12x16 feet
  • 12x20 feet
  • 20x24 feet
  • Custom dimensions are available –– email us your requests

And colors:

We recommend :

  • White shades for greenhouses, nurseries, flowers and fruit trees
  • Black, 30%-50% shade percentage, for vegetables, cut flowers, fruit trees, and ornamental plants
  • Black, 70% shade percentage, for plant cultivation and storage, poultry house roofs and open cowshed facilities

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