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Greenhouse products

When you have a greenhouse, the growing season starts and ends when you’re ready for it to. We understand the importance of keeping your seedlings warm in the early spring and cool in the heat of the summer––that’s why we only sell the best, most durable greenhouse film.

 Greenhouse film

This greenhouse film is for the serious gardener. At 6mil thickness, it’s standard commercial grade greenhouse cover sheet that has been UV treated for optimal use. The UV treatment allows the sheet to absorb the sun’s heat during the day and slowly release it in smaller increments throughout the night to ensure your plants are temperature regulated, especially during the crucial seedling phase.

 Any House can be a greenhouse

You can convert your porch, patio, pergola, or gazebo into a greenhouse simply by wrapping this cover sheet around the outside. Nail or staple it into place for a more permanent solution or tape for a seasonal option. The greenhouse cover is designed to last for 4 years, so investing in greenhouse film is a long term affordable and sustainable gardening option.

 Who is it for?

If you’re a landscape architect or garden horticulturist who needs to move plants from the nursery to your clients’ properties, you can even tack up the greenhouse film on the windows of your vehicle to keep damaging sun rays from wilting the plants en route to their new home.

Different uses

You can also place the greenhouse film directly over your plants using tunnel inserts around the plants you want to protect or wooden frames or trellises. Greenhouse films are effective at fighting extreme sunlight, heat, wind, hail, and rain. Our films can even protect your plants against pollutants in the air that can affect the health of your flowers and the taste of your vegetables.

Custom sizes

Since our greenhouse film can be cut to the exact size necessary for your unique garden needs, you can make your greenhouse as large or small as necessary.

All year long

In the colder months, as well as in the heat of the summer, you can wrap fruit trees and fruit bearing bushes in the greenhouse film for the ultimate protection against heat, wilting sunlight, birds, snow, storms, and more. Our greenhouse films were designed for year round use, able to withstand all four seasons. 

How to repair

Even as strong as our greenhouse film is, we recognize that Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with at times. That’s why we also sell polyethylene greenhouse repair tape. It’s specially designed to maintain the longevity of your greenhouse against punctures, tears, or other damages.
It’s made of the same high quality materials as our greenhouse film and is therefore more effective than duct tape, electrical tape, or other temporary solutions not created with greenhouses in mind. No matter what kind of weather comes your way, your plants will be safe.

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