Why be Hot? Try our shade technology

Aluminet shade

Our COOL shade technology products are made from a unique, Aluminet shade technology fabric that acts like a mirror, deflecting intense heat and direct sun. The open-knit construction allows for excellent airflow, keeping you, your animals and outdoor areas 30 - 70% cooler, the perfect shade solution!

When it’s hot outside, our special Aluminet shade technology products deflect intense sun and heat. When it’s cool outside, this same shade material preserves heat, holding in warmth beneath the shade.

Originally designed for greenhouse use, BE COOL Solutions bring the benefits growers enjoy directly to you in a variety of lightweight, multi-use sizes.


Be COOL Solutions

Check out our new COOL video where you can learn more about our COOL products.#whybehot #becoolsolutions #aluminet #coolyourpet #shadesolutions

Posted by Be Cool Solutions on Tuesday, December 15, 2015