5 Creative Ways to Spend time in the Outdoors, While Avoiding Sunlight

The winter creates a lot of stress to most of us, merely because there aren't that many sunny days, and when there are, it is too cold to go outside. This leads to vitamin D deficiency, mild depression, and a serious weight gain. Winter days are behind us (pun intended) and now we need to prepare ourselves to the scorching sizzling summer days, especially if there is an outdoor activity planned.

Outdoor activities are a lot of fun, particularly when spent with family and friends, but they can easily turn into a terrible experience to a full blown medical emergency, if not being careful. Here are some terrific tips to prevent the damages sunlight can bring, enjoy!

How to avoid sunburns and other damages from the sun:

  • Remember Baz Luhrmann's iconic speech, turned into a song, "Everybody's free to wear sunscreen"? well, Baz has a great point there. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you will absorb some of those harmful UV rays. Wearing sunscreen can increase significantly the risk of getting burned and developing hazardous skin marks.
  • Trees provide a great source for natural shade, and they also sound and smell beautifully! Most cities have great parks, with some manicured grass to lie on, so you can bring a blanket and a picnic basket, and you got yourself a romantic afternoon.
  • Use the great sea or an outdoor pool for some sunny activity. Swimming is a wonderful way to work out, without the bitterness that comes attached to it for most of us mortals. Swimming is an enjoyable way to be getting some sun-rays, without feeling over heated or too exhausted. Just remember to use a lot of sunscreen, and drink tons of water, and your swimming day will turn up all right. Just remember to set up some good shade solutions so that you do not stay under the sun the whole day.
  • Wearing sunglasses and hats is not exclusive to rappers and Victoria Beckham, in fact, it is essential for everyone on an outdoor activity, no matter how cool that person is. Dressing appropriately can prevent direct exposure to sunlight, which protects the eyes and the head. Also, wearing breezy fabrics and short clothes can help your body from overheating, and make you look like you're constantly on vacation. Win-win situation.
  • Finally, planning your days is always super fun, so clearly, it is even better when it comes to planning an outdoor activity. Avoiding the outside during peak hours is key: 12:00-16:00 are the hottest hours of the day, when the sun is at its highest and strongest. Thus, plan your activity around those hours, and you'll save some unnecessary headache.