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Pump pond and well water without a filter!

The Chemilizer is a proportional liquid chemical injector that injects a precise amount of chemical in proportion to a volume of water.

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Polyethylene Films

Polyethylene film offers the plants inside your greenhouse structure extended protection against harmful outdoor elements including wind, rain, snow and persistent UV rays.

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Keep Cool Outdoors

Our portable shade protects you from the heat while allowing excellent airflow.
Perfect for Camping, the Beach, Cars, and more.

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Shades, gardens and greenhouses

Aluminet™ Technology

One of a kind, cutting edge heat technology. Traditionally used for agricultural purposes for its superiority in quality and resilience.

Aluminet Shade technology

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I simply love this blanket! It makes a real difference regarding the onboard temperature. I even started to use it at home to create some extra shade when we have more guests. Also using it at dog shows and agility, where I cover the crates and tents with the blanket. Very uncomplicated ordering and flexible delivery! I should order some more and cover up my entire house during summer.

Great product! Works perfectly!!! Perfect for competitions and camping!

Great product, Great service and free shipping! Looking forward to summer in Denmark