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Supplies, shades and covers for greenhouses, gardens and more

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Aluminet™ Reflective Shade Cloth

Provide COOL comfort for your pets, camping activities, beach outings and more

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Polyethylene Films for Your Greenhouse

Extended protection against harmful outdoor elements including wind, rain, snow and persistent UV rays

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Knitted Shade Cloths

Choose from our wide variety of colors, sizes and shade densities

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Aluminet™ Technology

One of a kind, cutting edge heat technology. Traditionally used for agricultural purposes for its superiority in quality and resilience.

Aluminet Shade technology

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Very handy on my hooped veggie garden. I can utilize it for different weather conditions. Block some heavy rain, high winds, cold, even hot sun. Love it. Black Knitted Shade Cloth

Excellent, for keeping my van cool, the cab sometimes gets too hot but not when using the shade cloth. Great fit, covers from the windscreen over the roof and down to the windows on both sides. Multi-use Aluminet™ Shade Cloth - 4.3mX3m (14'x10')

I love this. It keeps the car cool in the hot weather to the point where I sat with the dog in a show last weekend as it was the coolest place on site. i have an x trail and this covers the whole vehicle with enough overhang to keep the boot open and be in the shade . Caravan Aluminet™ Shade Cloth - 6mX4.3m (20'x14')