Black & White Poly Film

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For all applications needing 100% black-out!
Are your crops getting enough light to grow well? If not, the solution isn’t necessarily to add more bulbs. A significant amount of light is ‘wasted’ in most grow rooms and greenhouses, which is why reflecting it back onto the seedlings can significantly boost efficiency without increasing your power expenses. We offer a cost-effective and easy solution for anyone who wants to control the amount of light their plants are getting!

This Black and White Film by Be Cool Solutions is a great choice for professional growers for the cold winter months, only product on the market with 3 - year warranty!

Technical Details
  • Warranted for 100% Blackout
  • 6 mil Thick Blackout Poly Film - not to be confused with 5 mil silage that allows some light in.
  • Toughened & Waterproof Plastic Sheeting - 24ft Wide
  • The white side is a reflective film that helps concentrate light on your seedlings
  • The black side offers 100% light blockage without the need for complicated installation
  • Waterproof and UV-stabilized
Product Uses
  • Plants with big leaf structure
  • Hemp
  • Mushrooms
  • Structures for storage
  • Greenhouse frames

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