Our Story - Be Cool Solutions

Be Cool Solutions was built for a purpose..

..For quality products, ease of use, convenience and most importantly: for our clients who are tired of getting overheated at outdoor events.

Like most of you, we love going out for a great hike, camping trip, festivals, and outdoor events. For a long time, we had to choose between over-complicated, inconvenient solutions and cheap tarps that can’t get the job done. We were sure there had to be a better way, so we started Be Cool Solutions to create what we thought is essential a simple solution for staying cool.

Be Cool Solutions Product Quality

Quality First

We care deeply about the quality of our products. Partnering with the industry leaders in shade technology, our team of expert designers, agricultural engineers, and production workers build our products from the finest materials and ingredients using an exacting production process to ensure we deliver remarkable performance.

Be Cool Solutions Team

Our Team

We are Shai and Daniel, and we’ve been good friends since we were 21. We’ve worked, traveled and have countless memories together. At a certain point, we decided it was time to create a company that mirrors our values and hobbies. Be Cool Solutions was born: a simple shade solution for the lovers of the outdoors.

Shai Bracha & Daniel Bleichman.