How to build your own greenhouse? Here are 5 steps

Want to Build your own Greenhouse?

Don’t wait for mother nature to tell you when you can do your spring planting. Start your own seedlings when you want to with your very own greenhouse. Think that having a greenhouse is out of your budget? In this article we will show you how to build your own greenhouse.

A quick search on Google will show there isn’t a shortage of premade greenhouses available to purchase. But you don’t need to shell out a pretty penny to get yourself a pretty greenhouse. A quick search of YouTube will show you dozens of examples for how to build your own greenhouse.

Five steps to build your greenhouse

  1. Decide if you only need a temporary solution or need a more permanent building
  2. Pick your covering, from glass windows to polyethylene film decide what type of covering you want for your greenhouse
  3. Select your heating and cooling devices. Some will rely solely on solar heating while other greenhouses will be equipped with propane or other heaters.
  4. Choose your planting structures, from potted plants to raised garden beds and shelves there are plenty of options available to make gardening in your greenhouse easy and enjoyable.
  5. Start building, once you have made your choices the final step is to get started and create your own greenhouse.

From functional and industrial to cute and whimsical, there is a plan available for just about anyone. You can go simple and drape a durable yet inexpensive polyethylene film over PVC piping and create your own greenhouse in a quick afternoon.

Or you can take the time to draft up plans for a much more intricate greenhouse. Do you, or someone you know, have welding or metal-work skills? You can build your own structure without breaking the bank. Once you have your structure you can start outfitting it with raised gardening beds, potted plants that will later be transplanted outside, or simple flowers that will stay indoors year-round enjoying the luxurious warmth of your greenhouse.

Alternative structures

Do you have raised garden beds in your backyard? You can make your own makeshift greenhouse using 2x4 boards and polyethylene film. Then simply remove the temporary warming structure once spring is in full bloom. Your plans should hopefully be strong enough to withstand the weather without the protection of your homemade greenhouse.

Or do you have an already standing structure such as a pergola or gazebo? You can wrap the outside of your structure with our polyethylene film to protect your potted plants or growing boxes. Our film is designed to withstand up to four years of weather and everyday wear and tear.


From very large and expensive greenhouses to simple and budget-friendly models, there is sure to be a greenhouse structure to fit your budget and backyard. Don’t worry if you can’t get the latest model at your local farm store. Check out the various ways to use products you might already have around the homestead or can easily get on a budget.

From hoop houses made from PVC pipes to farmhouse style greenhouses made from old windows with a little creativity and ingenuity you can build your own greenhouse on a budget too.