Automate your fertilizing efforts with a Homemade Fertilizer Injector

Are you struggling to keep your garden fertilized?

Do you have trouble remembering when to do it and how much you should be using?

Then an automated system just might be the answer for you.

Want the convenience of an automated system but without the price tag? Then let’s talk about a homemade fertilizer injector. According to the experts at the University of Georgia Agriculture department, a fertilizer injector is a device that applies the fertilizer or other wetting agent to your plants.

A good injector system that automatically proportions out your fertilizer application can be a vital part of your greenhouse and gardening processes. And it can also save you time and labor in not having to apply the fertilizer treatment yourself.

How to build your own homemade fertilizer injector

If you already have a drip irrigation system, then adding a homemade fertilizer injector won’t be too hard to do. The syphon and syphon valve will be connected to your drip irrigation system and then disbursed throughout your garden.

Otherwise, you could also make one that will be attached to your garden house, allowing you to fertilize while you water your plants. Simply put, you will be connecting the holding container, or small tank, that is filled with your fertilizer treatment to your water supply. Then you will use a syphon tube and syphon valve to mix the chemical from the tank into your water supply.

A store-bought version will also have a back stop to prevent the chemicals from going back into your water supply instead of out into your garden.

It is also important to note that if you are choosing to use an organic fertilizer you will want to add that to your soil in the fall so it can compost into the ground over the winter. However, a synthetic fertilizer can easily be sprayed onto your plants and absorbed immediately.

You can also apply other materials to your plants using an injector system. For example, you can apply pesticides, mineral acids and plant growth regulators such as plant hormones directly onto your garden via your injector system.

When not to DIY

When it comes to chemicals, maybe DIY isn’t the way to go. If you are looking for an injector to spray chemicals on your garden, then you should consider a heavy duty Chemilizer such as the one found here. This durable pump is made to last and will ensure the exact amount of chemicals are sprayed on your plants.

Don’t leave your chemical application to chance with a homemade device, trust the professionals with this top of the line Chemilizer. Here at Be Cool Solutions we provide only the best resources for you and your garden.

So, for your greenhouse and gardening operations, you might want to think about adding a homemade fertilizer injector to your process. This can add important nutrients and food to your garden, feeding your plants and helping them to grow healthy and beautifully.

If the DIY route isn’t for you, check out our injector in the store.