These are the dog food trends to look for in 2018.

Dog food trends to watch for in 2018

After the ferry dust of the New Year's celebrations has settled, it is time to look forwards to this year's hot latest trends in the pet world, and in particular, in the dog food trends. 2018's retail economy is booming, leaving very little to be untouched by the online markets. Nowadays, it is super easy to purchase pretty much anything online, and with the shipping and exporting regulations becoming agreeable, the process is much faster and inclusive. Much of the growth in the pet food market can be linked to the increase of online sales, particularly with major online players such as and It is even seen that internet sales of pet products are outpacing and even stealing sales from other channels, particularly from big pet stores.

Raising pets is truly like raising children, so it is no wonder in 2018, pet food trends will mirror their human parents’ menu. Here are some examples:

Preventive beneficial food:

Healthy eating trends have not passed on dog food, and pets' parents are seeking top quality food, which will be tasty and beneficial at the same time. Food which helps with digestion, supplies calcium and other neutrinos, protects dogs and cats' health wise and helps preventing future illnesses.

DIY pet food:

Pet parents like to indulge their beloved 'children' as much as possible. This means a lot of new flavors are offered by the major and minor pet food alike: Grilled meat, exotic flavor adding, toppers, mix-ins, sauces, and much more. New food technology such as drying and freezing techniques, introduce a broader variety for pet food indulgence.

New ingredients:

Pet owner nowadays seek new ingredients for themselves, and so do they seek for their dogs and cats. Since dogs and cats do not hunt for their food anymore, and are not exposed to unprocessed food as they used to be, this trend is allowing access to more ancestral formulations that aim to recreate the diet of dogs and cats when they lived in the wild prior to domestication. Meaning, the food contains a lot more proteins than ever before. Vegetable based proteins are also available with the increase of vegan food consumption among the pet owners themselves, turning ingredients such as brown rice into the pet's favorite new food.

Home delivery:

Much like any other product found online, dog food and other pet products are shipped and delivered much more efficiently and faster. People seek new ways to preserve time and money, so players like PetPlate, The Farmer's Dog, JustFoodForDogs, Ollie and Just Right by Purina offer good and reliant pet food delivery, with vacuumed packaging and customized fresh food.

Dog food and other pet products are an ever-growing market, promising this next year to be even more lucrative and productive. More so, countries like China, Brazil, Russia and India are joining to the consumers world, adopting cats and dogs just like their American and European friends, promising even hotter trends for the year 2019!


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