How to enjoy your greenhouse year-round

How to enjoy your greenhouse year-round

If you are looking for a wonderful way to extend your growing season and enjoy warmer temperatures year-round, then a greenhouse is the answer for you.

A greenhouse is a full-enclosed structure made from glass or fiberglass, keeping in the warmth. Some people will also add a heat source to keep their greenhouse warm through the entire year.

If you live further north with a shorter summer, then a greenhouse is a great alternative to extending your growing season. You can grow many varieties of fresh greens, vegetables, and fruit year-round. You can also start your outside garden much earlier in the spring. Then simply transplant your potted garden from the greenhouse to your yard once the weather has warmed up.

Plus, working in your warm greenhouse in the middle of winter is amazingly therapeutic. If you are looking for a way to stay active and get outside, even when it is cold and dreary outside, then consider a greenhouse.

From the cold winter to the hot summer

As mentioned, a greenhouse is great in the winter for allowing you to continue gardening despite being cold outside. However, you can also make your greenhouse a year-round destination by keeping it cool in the summer.

Working in your already warm greenhouse in the dead heat of summer can be exhausting and sticky. Not to mention wreak havoc on certain produce such as tomatoes.

If you are looking to cool off your way-too-hot greenhouse than putting up shading can be your answer to a much more comfortable gardening experience. If you don’t want the expense of installing curtains or blinds, you can instead opt to hang a shade such as this one.

Reduce water usage using shading

By shading your greenhouse, and lowering the overall temperature, your plants will also require much less water. According to this article from the Michigan State Department of Horticulture, shading can reduce the temperature by as much as 40%.

From the plants in your garden to the gardener yourself, water is essential to sustaining life. And excessive water loss for you and any pets or other workers you have in your garden can be decreased by using a green house.

As the summer gets warmer, you can provide shade to your plants, and everyone else in the greenhouse, by putting up a knit shade cloth.

In conclusion, a greenhouse is an amazing way to not only extend your outdoor garden, but also give you a wonderful oasis inside. During the cold winter months, continue to enjoy your gardening hobby despite the less than ideal weather conditions.

Not only can you stay warm in the winter, but you can stay cool in the summer with the use of a knit shade cloth. This is a great way to make your greenhouse truly a treasure in your own backyard year-round.

Shading your greenhouse in the summer not only cools off you and your plants, but it also saves on water usage. This can save money and limited resources making your shade cloth well worth the investment.