Why Aluminet Technology for Shade?

Aluminet technology vs regular shade cloths

The agricultural business has gone through erratic changes throughout the past 20 years. From using human friendly genetically modified seeds, to perfecting irrigation systems to withstand the climate changes in warmer countries, agriculture has gone a long way since its beginning, when durable crops have been the outcome of these changes.


Aluminet technology


One thing that has contributed the most to these changes is the shading techniques that have been protecting the agriculture from natural damages. There are many types of shading techniques, one of them stand out from the rest: aluminet shade cloth. Previously, farmers would use different types of clothes, with several tricks such as using breathing materials that would help exhausting the humidity, or black colored clothes that would attract less sunlight. All these types of cloths are outdated, due to their limited durability and high production value, and they cannot prevent proper UV radiation, compared to the newer type of aluminet technology shade cloth.

Hence, why Aluminet technology used in shades is better than regular shades cloth? Well, to answer this question, it is necessary to understand the needs of modern day agriculture.


Aluminet technology


For starters, climate change has a great impact on how people grow their food now days, relying more and more on greenhouses which provide better grounds and protection from hard winds, strong sun light, heavy rains, or blowing sand storms. These forces of nature lead to a rapid temperature changes, which effect the sensitive growing of differ types of crops, let alone ruin the greenhouses all together. Thus, it is crucial having the proper equipment for handling any obstacle Mother Nature places, and so covering green houses with a regular cloth just won't be sufficient. Aluminet technology shade cloth, which is made out of several layers of different durable insulating fabrics, with an outer layer of highly reflective Aluminized Shade Fabric, helps battling weather damage caused by heat changes. Aluminet technology shade cloth has the right properties to deflect the temperature changes caused by climate change or just the shifting between day and night, while being strong enough to endure strong winds and rain.

Plus, reflecting the intense IR radiation of the sun, aluminet shade cloths helps protect any greenhouse also on regular sunny days, and its effectiveness depends on the Aluminet availability. This means, the density of the aluminum thread can vary from 40% light through cloth, to almost full black 90% which prevents practically all IR radiation. The fabric durability is being measured by its UV resistance abilities, when 4 years is normally the aluminet shade cloth span time.



Additionally, being produced by a modern technology, aluminet shade cloth manufactures helps saving access materials and additional chemicals that might have been added to the regular cloths, to make them more durable. Although the asking price for an aluminet shade cloth might be higher than a regular cloth, its durability properties and highly effectiveness helps justify the total investment. Therefore, one can save quite a lot of money with buying aluminet shade cloth on the long run.

Finally, once choosing to use an aluminet shade cloth, it is important to learn a bit about the different manufacturers of this said cloth, and the benefits of each kind. The criteria needed to be in mind are: size of the greenhouse, type of plants being grown, the budget that is available, the UV protection warrantee provided by each manufacturer, and last but not least- the overall look for the greenhouse. Once taking all criteria under consideration, and choosing the right aluminet shade cloth, the greenhouse can be fully functioning once everything is set and placed.



To conclude, it is important to understand the trade of agriculture and its technological advancements, in order to learn more on how to better the yield. Choosing the right Aluminet shade cloth will help tremendously with growing good crops, and will benefit the environment for the long term.