Camping shade by Be COOL Solutions

Aluminet shade cloth covering a camping tent

Next time you go camping you might want to take one or two of our COOL camping shade cloth.

Why would you need a camping shade? 

When going camping, you can never be sure what the weather conditions will be. We all know that time when it looked like a nice cloudy day, when suddenly the sun decides to come out and it becomes very hot. With our camping shades, you'll be prepared for any kind of weather. Plus, they are super portable and come in a small sack that you easily store in your car or carry with you.

You can use our Aluminet made portable shades to cover your tent or your car while camping. This much-needed shade can turn a hot steamy camping site into a safe and cool area, for you and your family to enjoy without fearing sunburn or dehydration.

Don't worry about cutting off your tent's air supply, as our camping shade equipment will allow excellent airflow, thanks to its open-knit fabric. 

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