Dog shade by Be COOL Solutions

Dog shades for the kennel

Dog shade with Aluminet shade cloth

Summers are fast approaching and this is the time when your dog will be finding cool places to relax. The furry dogs feel a lot of discomfort during summers and often you will either find them in the water or panting at a cool place. Small
dogs may stay in your room with you but big ones often crave for their own privacy and hence having a kennel for them remains the best alternative. Often kennels are built in the garden area so that the dogs can stay there comfortably and can also provide security to your house.

The kennels are made up of wood, metals or other similar materials and hence often may get heated up due to the summer sun-rays. This is the reason why during summers, dogs avoid staying in their kennels and may only sleep there during nights when the temperature has lowered down. Now when you have various alternatives to keep your house cool, there should be an alternative to keep your dogs house also less heated. One such alternative is the Aluminet dog shade.

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Dog shades for the car

Aluminet shade cloth covering car with dogs

There are a number of times when you along with your pet are going somewhere in the sunny day, it is a great idea to turn on the air conditioning and have a great ride. But if you have plans for the whole day then turning on the air conditioning for the whole day does not seem to be a great idea altogether. Here comes a need of some other alternative. The dog shade can be used by the dog owners to keep their cars cool. There are a number of car shades to keep the cars feel cooler even in the high temperatures, but these are not as effective as the Aluminet™ shade. 

These are actually cloth covers but have almost 70%-80% area made up of Aluminet™ material. This is actually knitted aluminized fabric that helps in reflecting the heat. The point is that the fabric does not absorb heat and hence it reflects back the heat and  keeps the temperate beneath it lower by almost 14 degrees than outside. Also, the covers are light weighted and can be folded to a small bunch. There is no issue of the fabric getting rotten and hence you can keep them for a long time. The only thing that you should do is keep in a safe place so that it does not get destroyed by some sharp objects.

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Dog shades for competitions (dog agility)

Be Cool Solutions Car Shade

These dog shades are not only for cars but they can also be useful for covering the kennels and the cages of your dog during dog agility events. If you are going for some dog competitions and you have a small dog to carry on a bright sunny day, this dog shade can actually help the dog to stay away from heat. Keep the puppy in a cage, cover it up with the shade and then keep it in the back seat of your car to travel till the competition spot.

In case you have a big dog, you can reach the spot and then cover your car with the dog shade so that you can have your own tent under the sun. Events often take all day and hence your car with the shade on can be a cool resting place for you and your dog.

Is your dog participating in dog agility performance? That requires a lot of stamina. A lot of energy is lost when a dog participates. If your dog is tired before the event, he or she will perform considerably less. So, as you reach the competition spot do provide a special care to the dog by using the dog shade. Find a secure place where you can park your car and then cover it with the shade.

Air conditioning is mostly used to keep the car interior cool and provide the dog with a place to rest. However, AC can be harmful to your dog's health. On top of that, when the dog will come in and out of the cool air conditioning temperature to the hot sunny exterior, chances of catching a cold are higher. Having the dog shade will prevent this.

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